Saturday, September 8, 2007


I am astounded at the peace and clarity that comes from distance. As I step back and look over the events of this last year I am reminded of something that my mother used to tell me constantly. "Hindsight is 20/20." Life is full of "shoulda, coulda, woulda's," and it is what we do with those things in moving forward that determines our character and our ability to learn from our mistakes. The following question was asked on my friend Becky's blog and I feel that it would be helpful to all those who have been following me and my friends in our on-going involvement in this saga if I answer it here on my own journey blog.

"But I was focused on my own success and never considered that others would take the plan to the extreme. I have read Christin's blog and accept that she is sorry for her part in the deception.. what I can't understand is, if she had medical problems as a result of the diet, why did she accept the offer from WW and why did she later accept the position as PR Director? 20,000 members looked to her success and trusted her advice. But I suppose I should direct those questions to Christin."

I appreciate your acceptance of my apology. Your first statement there says a lot about my own journey as well. I guess Kimmer was right in one thing when she called me "naive." Yes, I was naive. I had never low carb dieted before Kimkins. I accepted what I thought was a solid plan. I did not know until I began working with Kimmer that there was no doctor's approval for the program. I had assumed that because it was a published program that I paid money for it had to be legit right? I know better now.... I'm not so naive anymore.

In regard to my health issues that I encountered... honestly, I again accepted them at the time as minor issues that would correct themselves in time. When WW called, I had only just reached my goal of 100 pounds lost. I was the latest success story. I was thrilled as you can imagine anyone would be at finally FINALLY being "normal." Those of you who have struggled for years and years with your weight know what a rush that can be. At that time, my hair issue had just begun, and it had been explained to me as "normal." Same with my menses. When we lose fat we lose estrogen, therefore our bodies have to "regroup." I explained it away to myself too.

I accepted the PR position because I still believed in the program. I still do - as a base. After researching extensively on the programs which Kimkins was based on (Atkins 72 and Stillman's Quick Weight Loss Program), I learned quite a few differences, classified as Kimmer "tweaks." These tweaks were addressed in my questions to Kimmer, as I began to realize that there were specific medical reasons that both of these doctors included things in their programs. I do still agree with the concept of a low carb/lean protein program. But notice the emphasis on LOW carb, not NO carb.

The basic Stillman's plan does incorporate even fruit and dairy, and Dr Atkins included other healthy veggie carbs too. Both plans emphasise the importance of hydration and water. While the basis for Kimkins tweaks centered around a disagreement with Dr Atkins theory of "Be shockingly UNafraid of fat," I believe there is an opposite extreme as well for people to "be shockingly AFRAID of fat."

You are right and it a tremendous weight on me to know of the thousands, well millions, of people saw my face and read my testimony. Thousands joined because of my story. They trust me and look up to me. This is almost overwhelming to me. I am just a mom.... just a mom from a little town in Texas. It was, and still is my desire to help those who are hurting. Why did I accept the offer from WW and the PR position? To help. To give hope. To let those who are hurting and struggling know that they don't have to live like that.

What does this to me now? I'd still like to hope that I am helping. Woman's World didn't just show people a plan... it showed them me. I want to encourage you and the rest of my readers in this. I am still here. I did lose the weight and I am still maintaining it. Let my loss inspire you, not just the way I did it. There is no one magic cure-all for obesity. If there was, we would all be skinny and not have the need for inspiration and encouragement. I am here because I understand the pain. I understand and will continue to blog and email and do whatever I can to help anyone achieve their goals no matter what program they chose to follow. All I ask is that you do it safely. Like I said over and over within the Kimkins forums. Learn to listen to your body... but not just where food is concerned as well. Pay attention to other physical cues that your body may be giving you. I should have listened to mine, and fortunately my side effects that came about were easily corrected. But each person is different. That is why there is no "cookie cutter" program. Each person will tweak and embellish to their own body's needs.

I've probably said a lot more here than you wanted to know... but this is me. This is who I am. Did I answer your question?


JOY said...

Thank you for your honesty and for laying your heart and life bare for all. I am one of the thousands that signed on after the WW featureon kimkins and especially you. I, in no way would hold you responsible for any extreem that others would consider taking this plan. I have read your comments and know that you advised to listen to your body. I am safe in my own little groups and never even was aware of all the happenings till yesterday. I am now asking some hard questions. God has blessed you with a kind and honest heart and will continue to bless you with this new journey.

Bella said...

You are brave and offer honesty and self reflection. I sincerely thank you.

Kelly said...

Christin - I had never purchased a WW before, but I saw you on the over, and bought it. It was your story and Deni's that inspired me, and so many others to check out Kimkins, and then on the website when I read about Kimmer I was sold on giving it a try. I have found your transformation inspiring, and continue to do so. I learned quite a bit that I will take with me, even as I leave Kimkins. I believe that as I continue with the Atkins program, that I will make somelower fat choices than I had done previously. I will continue to follow you, Deni and Becky who I believe to be good, honest, caring people. I think that so much good can come out of this situation, because what kimmer may have intended for her own selfish purposes God can and seems to me, IS making right through you and the other good people like you. God's grace and peace to you.

Becky said...

It is so true that this all becomes clearer from a distance. It's hard for someone who wasn't in it to really imagine how this all could happen. And, yes, it does bring peace to walk away, doesn't it?

I know it couldn't have been easy to admit the problems you had encountered. After all, if you hadn't, no one would have known. You have done well to be so open about it, and maybe it can help some others have second thoughts, too.

Blessings on your new journey!

Losing Jusme said...

you are my hero..

follmercarolyn said...

Dear Christin,

You are a lovely young lady and I think you are a very kind and caring person. You are a very supportive to those gals who are struggling to lose weight and that is a good thing.

However, please, please do some research into what lowcarb diets are all about. And, please tell people to do their own research based on Dr. Atkins or Dr. Barry Groves or some other reputable person who actually understands lowcarb dieting.

"Listening to our bodies" may be not be the greatest idea. Some people just don't feel hungry but should be eating anyway. Some people may have damage that is undetected for years.

I have lost 50 pounds by lowcarbing the healthy way and have maintained a size 8 for 6 years. But, I am constantly reading and researching and would NEVER give someone advise unless it is backed up by Dr. A. or Dr. Groves. Point your friends to
experts so they can figure it out for themselves.

When you are lowcarbing, you HAVE to get your energy from dietary fat. If you skimp on that, then your body will burn protein and that is toxic to your brain, etc.

I think you look great, really, but
continue to encourage people to go
to experts for lowcarb advise..Please..


Jane said...

You believed someone who presented a pretty package and offered what you needed most. Many responded to that offer exactly as you did. I did. Thank you for your honesty. It will help a lot of people.

Abimars said...

Thank you Christin, Thank you

getting better said...

Hi Christin,

I also sincerely thank you for being so open and honest with us. It's the "not knowing why they left" which I think haunts many people. You've laid it out for us...thank you!! I completly agree with your reasoning for a) asking the questions you needed to ask for your new position and b) for leaving when you did not receive those answers. One thing that is so incredibly hard (for me anyways) is wondering: Now what? Kimkins is the first low carb diet I've followed and I bought into every word/advice that was given by Kimmer. I lost 42 lbs because of it. I feel "stuck" now. Do I continue with this WOE or find something else? I honestly thought I would do Kimkins until maintence. Now I'm just not sure, especially because I have been having issues with hair loss, dizzyness, and heart palpitations. I'm so vary weary of returning to Kimkins at all but just don't want to regain any weight back or put my faith in another diet. I keep praying for answers. Anyways, thank you so much for walking away.

Take care and thank you for all of your advice on the Kimkins boards!

Maria D.

shera said...

Your honesty is so very commendable. I do not think you are in any way responsible for people taking the kimmer programs to the extreme. (I have heard more from the overnight experts in chat etc... on going to extremes than I ever heard from you or other admins.) After all just like you said, you and the other admins were not doctors or professionals but just success stories. Of course you should have jumped at the chance for the WW article and any of us would have done the same. I am thankful you did, after all it is why I joined. And I say a prayer of thanks every day, as this WOE has saved my life and my health. I know that God put that magazine in my hands for a reason and in so many others as well.

I would like to be a regular visitor to your site with others that want to continue down the road you have set out to now travel. I just want a place that I can come and ask frank questions and get frank answers. I know that you will give them.

I am sorry that you and the others are going through so much with all the "drama" over Kimmer/Heidi or whoever she is but at least that is behind you and as you travel on your new journey it will be always on the path that you choose, not one that someone else has chosen for you.

Thanks again for taking the time for all of us.

Have a blessed day,

kutiepie said...

When I was 19 went on a low cal diet and got down to 115 pounds at 5"8.
Yes my period stopped for 3 months and my hair has been shed on Atkins. So dont be so hard on yourself.
When you admitted to hair loss that is very common on low carb and period stoppin is common when you lose alot of weight quickly low fat.
What is important is that you look great now and are healthy. I like Kimkins and I tweak to Atkins and refeeds and listen to my body. But Kimmer hiding is what I do not support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christin

Believe it or not, I just found out about all this Kimkims controversy...I have been working very long hours this summer and don't have much time to check the site.

So sorry all this went down. I just cannot believe all this went down. Just to let you know that you are not the only naive person out there...

good luck with everything

Much love

Zoe Aguilar

VernsWifeVickie said...

I admire you so much sweetie. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to open your heart to the world with all of this. You are an amazing young woman....I thought so when I read your posts on KK and I still think it now.

Marialuvsjah4ever said...

Don't feel bad you sincerely were trying to help others. Being overweight for many years I know how you must of felt when the weight came off. You just wanted others to experience that joy.

Thank you for speaking out!

KimPossible said...

You are a terrific role model--for "just a mom from Texas." I am proud of you!! Thank you for all you've done....I look forward to your journey from here! (((HUGS)))

Sue said...

Thanks Christin!
Getting Better, don't feel like you are stuck. You can still do low carb - just up the calories and include good fats. Your loss may be slower but most of your weight loss will be form your fat stores and not lean muscle. Get some really good low carb books and get informed. Unfortunately, Kimkins was not a very good education into low-carbing.

cmo's quest said...

Hi Christin;
You not only answered my questions, you answered from your heart. I couldn't ask for more than that. -- Thank you.
As I was reading your blog I was a little surprised to see my words jump from the pages and I will say now, they seemed harsh. That wasn't my intent. I was still in the first few stages of grief after reading Becky's Blog and knowing in my heart that I had found the truth I was seeking. It was a difficult pill to swallow.
I have since that day taken responsibility for my own health and endeavored to educate myself on a healthier approach to Low Carb dieting. For all of the heartache this has caused you, I am sincerely sorry. But I am glad you accepted the offer from WW, you and your story changed my life and I am forever grateful.
Now, I am faced with the same dilemma, move on and leave my friends behind at Kimkins or stay in the hopes of being an example of moderation. Unfortunately, staying is a silent endorsement of the program;and silence is the devil’s best friend.
I look forward to learning and sharing with you as we continue this journey.

In sincere gratitude,