Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas Text -

To my fellow travelers... I wish you a peaceful and joyous holiday. May it be filled with love and comfort. May your time be spent with those whom you love and who love you. May this next year be full of happier times, successes and triumphs. Please take some time over this next week to reflect on those who are most important to you and what this time of year means to all of us. Let us not forget those who cannot be with their loved ones right now. To those of you who are away from your loved ones or separated from them either temporarily or longer... I pray for peace and comfort. I pray for love and fond remembrance of holidays past. Let us approach the New Year with resolve. For the good and the bad, for ups and downs, for goodness and hope for a brighter future; I wish you all the best this Christmas season.

For unto us a child is born and His name shall be called Immanuel... God With Us.

Peace on Earth and Good Will to all (Low Carb) men.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

No one is above the law...

It is hard for me to understand how many people feel that they are somehow immune to the laws and regulations that govern our country. Without them, we would have nothing but chaos and disorder. This country was founded on morals and principles which, for the most part, we subscribe to in an effort to live peaceably and in harmony with our fellow citizens. There are those, however, who feel that they are above those laws and have a skewed view of what constitutes moral and legal behavior.

The actions and behaviors of Heidi (Kimmer) over the last several years have demonstrated that she feels she is not susceptible to same moral standards that most of us attempt to uphold.

The following is an excerpt of a conversation that we held on August 14th of this year, in which Heidi attempted to explain to me why it would be "impossible" for anyone to bring a class action lawsuit against her and Kimkins. I would also like to demonstrate the encouragement within this conversation for a menu for a Kimkins Boot Camp example that is barely over 700 calories. In the menu that I give in this example, I was attempting to put together a menu that was OVER 700 calories. It was very difficult, but notice that instead of encouraging larger portions and higher calories, Heidi was very ENCOURAGING of my attempts to put together a "safe" but still low calories boot camp menu.

Heidi: :)
2:08 PM christin, have time for Law 101?
2:13 PM me: sure
Heidi: in a nutshell, there can be no class action suit or any lawsuit
first they have to prove causation. very difficult. then proximate cause. even harder.
2:14 PM then there's "but for ..." hardest of all.
but let's say they do that. where will they get a lawyer?
if you were in a bad car accident -- broken arm, concusion but hit by a poor person with no insurance
you COULD NOT get a lawyer. there's no 'recovery'.
2:15 PM there's no money to receive.
it's the same with kimkins. there's no $$$.
they don't even have jurisdiction.
me: all that... for a $60 refund ;) nope... not worth it
Heidi: no lawyer would touch it. they don't even know who "kimmer" is.
2:16 PM well, in a real class action suit the company is ordered to pay legal costs. but who will pay?
did you see that petition?
what the hell kind of petition is that?
me: I haven't looked at it today
Heidi: the FDA must be laughing their a$$ off.
2:17 PM me: :) we're not offering any FDA regulated products ;)
Heidi: we will do what we can with XXXXXX XXXXXX, which probably isn't much.
and then move on. same as with XXXXXX.
me: right
Heidi: i haven't replied on purpose. and i'm sure it's making 'somebody' very mad. :)
me: lol
2:18 PM Heidi: anyhow, bottom line for today's law lesson: no recovery, no lawyer
me: hey... how's this sound for an "acceptable" boot camp menu:
bfast: 2 egg omlete w/ 1/2 cup tomatoes, 2 oz lean ham
2:19 PM lunch, 4oz ground turkey "taco" salad, 2 cups mixed greens and 1 tbls of salsa for "dressing"
Heidi: 1/2 cup tomatoes is half of list 2 veggies for the day?
me: yes
Heidi: k, go on
me: dinner 4 oz grilled dill salmon and a 2cup spinach salad
2:20 PM cals 705, fat 35g, carb 11g, protein 82
Heidi: not bad!
2:21 PM sorry, addition to law lesson for today
me: this also does not include the dressing on the spinach salad ;)
Heidi: have you ever sued anyone? or family court?
me: no
Heidi: ahhh, ok.
when you file "moving papers" (lawsuit)
me: I have testified in a restraining order hearing.. that's about it
2:22 PM Heidi: you have to make allegations. they must be substantiated.
me: backed up w/ doctors reports etc
Heidi: not just that
1) prove their health before kimkins
2) prove that "but for" doing kimkins they would not have damages
2:23 PM 3) MUST have damages (be hurt)
all of this takes $$$. they have to hire a doctor, get tests, deposition of doctors & whoever they can find at kimkins ;)
2:24 PM AND doctors & experts testify at 4 hour minimum increments. $300-500/hr, $1500 a day
plus their initial filing fees
no lawyer will take that on if they can't recover the $$$
me: of course not!
Heidi: want proof (lol, like you're calling me a liar)
when you're bored with nothing to do today :D
2:25 PM call a local attorney make up a story
me: yeah... cause I ain't got nothing else to do ;) LOL
Heidi: "i was in an accident today blah blah and make it bad ... tell him that the driver is uninsured and so are you."
see how far you get.
2:26 PM technically you can get a judgment and sue the person in court. but so what? how would you get your $$? can't.
it's called "deep pockets". kimkins doesn't have any pockets. :)
honestly, i'm not as dumb as they all think i am
me: LOL Don't have to tell me that!
2:27 PM Heidi: XXXXXXXXXX's husband is a lawyer. you don't notice him jumping on the lawsuit bandwagon.
me: that does put my mind at ease though a bit... I think anyone even attemptin such a thing right now would get really discouraged really fast
Heidi: listen
me: so thanks for the lesson!
Heidi: there's nothing for them to do BUT
2:28 PM if anything ever happened and you were involved, i'm here for you $$$

Heidi at this point obviously thought that she was above even consideration for a class action lawsuit, not to mention criminal legal action.

In the last week I have observed many actions for which I am saddened. It is important to remain focused. The purpose and internal wheels have not ceased. There are many important factors to take into consideration when shutting down an illegal operation such as Kimkins. This is the time to continue to remain focused on getting the word out about the dangerous program that is still taught and demonstrated within the Kimkins website and forums, and preventing others from falling prey.

I again want to stress the importance to those out there who have not already, to join the class action lawsuit that HAS been filed against Heidi Diaz and Kimkins. If Heidi is to be stopped, then action must be taken.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ready for the Holidays?

As I stated in a previous post, the holidays can be very difficult for all of us when it comes to learning to eat healthy. Please join me today as I join Connie Bennet, Author of "Sugar Shock!"; Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida Low Carb; Laura Dolson from Low Carb journalism; and Judy Barnes Baker - author of "Carb Wars: Sugar Is the New Fat" cookbook; to discuss surviving the holidays living a low carb, sugar free lifestyle.

The show will air live at 3:00 EST and can be found here:

Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio Show

If for some reason you miss the show, you can listen afterwards HERE.

Here is the link for the promotional write up the Connie has posted on her blog: Low-Carb Experts Help You Survive Sweet Holiday Temptations on the Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio Show Tomorrow

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Forgiveness and Clarity

Due to the events over the last few days it is important to me to re-visit what the intention of my blog is. The title of my musings is “The Journey.” I began by taking the road less traveled and it has rarely taken me where I thought I would ever go. There have been tears, fears, excitements, joys, ups and downs, twists and turns. Many times the journey has resembled a roller coaster instead of a road. But, none-the-less, it is my journey to reconciliation and life after Kimkins.

Part of my journey has been a steady plea to those still involved in the program to recognize the deceptions that have taken place and are continuing to be prevalent within Heidi Diaz’ statements and business practices. It has never been my intention to attack any one person for falling prey to those deceptions. I only plead with them to listen to reason and to open their eyes to the possibility that they too may have been taken in.

I was reflecting over my journey for the last few months and came across this post: “The Excellence of Love” in which I go over a passage from 1 Corinthians 13. I am instructed to love. Love and forgiveness are the foundations of what gives my life purpose and clarity. They are what my Lord offers to me when I by no means deserve it. Who am I then, to withhold it from anyone else who has offended or done wrong by me? I cannot, because it goes against who I am and who God desires me to be.

This weekend I have communicated with the now former PR director of Kimkins, Jeannie Baitinger. She expressed to me her great grief over her involvement with Heidi Diaz. The following is an excerpt from a note she left me this morning:

“I was wrong to accuse you of any wrong doings. In fact, I can never apologize to you enough. You did say you forgive me and that means more to me than anything.”

“I will do everything I can to cooperate fully with John Teidt and that is a promise.”

“Your warmth and generosity really is amazing. I never expected you of all people to be there for me, yet there you were. I didn't deserve it at all… I was wrong, so wrong.”

Nehemiah 9:21
“But thou art a God of forgiveness. Gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness. And thou didst not forsake them.”

Jeannie, as we discussed, there are many questions to answer, and much to bring to light. I do forgive you, and without forgiveness, the path to our understanding would be foggy and indiscernible. Our clarity begins with an open heart.