Thursday, August 6, 2009

The time is coming...

I am reminiscent today about all that has changed in my life over the last several years. Partially because so much has happened, and also because we are approaching now the 2 year anniversary of when I discovered that I had been taken in by one of the biggest online diet scams ever conceived. It is almost ironic that the court date for the summary judgment against Heidi Diaz and the Kimkins program will take place almost exactly two years after the low-carb internet community literally exploded with the discovery of her con.

I am also grateful. I am so very grateful and honored that I have many supporters and friends who have helped me through this incredible ordeal. Thinking back to the moments preceding my departure from Kimkins, I remember such an incredible range of emotions from fear, to anger, disappointment, discouragement, and just outright denial. It never in a million years would have crossed my mind that I would be so taken in and taken advantage of.

Since my departure though, time heals wounds. I move on, and am stronger. I have begun a new life. I am back in college, pressing towards a new carrier in physical therapy and nutrition. Two fields that, 10 years ago, I would have scoffed at. One might say that it was my experience with Kimkins that began leading me to this new path. It probably was, but for much larger reasons than just learning about dieting. It is now my passion and drive to educate. No-one, NO-ONE, should have to suffer the pain and humiliation that being led astray by an “educated” con artist peddling the latest fad diet can bring. It is my mission to spread the TRUTH about healthy living. I will do my part to vocalize the need for stricter regulations governing internet health and diet sites and those who run them.

I want more than most can imagine for the Kimkins saga to have its final chapter. I am ready to close that part of my story. However, wounds that deep have scars, scars that will not go away quite so easily. I cannot close this chapter till it is completed. I am not disgruntled or vindictive, but I do believe that there are there are consequences for our actions, both good and bad. The consequences for the monstrous deceptions that Heidi Diaz doled out have yet to be fully realized. I have been quiet for too long. I am still a member of the suit, and will not back down till justice is served. John Teidt has filed an unprecedented motion for summary judgment in the lawsuit against Heidi and Kimkins. I am confident that the evidence speaks for itself. It is time for Heidi to take responsibility for her actions. August 24 will be a monumental day.