Friday, August 29, 2008

Past, Present and Future

I will resume blogging about the Mediterranean Diet very soon, however it has been brought to my attention that there are those who are members of the dangerous Kimkins diet program who are STILL unaware of the scam, and even if they are aware of a "scandal," still think it's none of their business and see no point or reason to joining the Kimkins lawsuit. If you are one who is just becoming aware of these issues, I'd like to speak to you for a moment.

Let's go back about a year and a half ago. You’ve reached the point that so many of us who have dealt with weight issues have come too. You’re tired, and in a word, desperate. You hear of a program that gives the glorious promise that it, in and of itself, is even BETTER than Gastric Bypass surgery. Maybe that is something that you’ve considered in the past, and are at the point of seriously trying. But you want to give a weight loss regime one last try. It looked easy enough... price was less than what you've spent before, and the stories sounded too good to be true! So you joined Kimkins.

You try it for a week, maybe even a month and while it works, you decide that just like all the other programs you’ve tried.. you just can’t stick to it. So you quit and go on with your life. You don't think about it again, till you reach yet another point of desperation... and so you go back. Something has changed. The forums are dead. All the familiar faces that you spoke to and maybe even looked up to for inspiration are gone. There is a reason, so you begin looking around on the internet for answers.

You discover that this program is different. Unlike other legitimate weight loss programs, this particular program was not only begun as a blatant scam, those who have followed it for any extended period of time have become sick.

These are not people who were prone to eating disorders. These are normal individuals who have developed serious psychological issues thinking that they just were not strong enough to follow a diet program.

Those who did follow it, EXACTLY AS WRITTEN, have severely damaged their metabolisms, suffered thyroid damage, gall bladder damage, intestinal issues, severe hair loss, electrolyte and potassium deficiencies, major muscle loss (including heart damage) all of which have seen many in emergency rooms, facing surgeries and extended and lengthy recovery times. These issues are not exaggerations. They are life threatening realities.

The owner of Kimkins dot com not only admitted under oath that she lied about her own weight loss, but she has shown no concern or care towards those who have been damaged by the diet that she published and voraciously broadcast around the world.

Heidi K Diaz, founder of Kimkins, not only scammed you and me out of our money, but has risked thousands of people’s lives with her carelessness.

In October of 2007 a lawsuit was launched because of Heidi’s refusal to refund unsatisfied customers their money. This lawsuit has become even more than a quest to “get money back.” Heidi has since proven that not only did she intentionally perpetrate this particular scam, but she fully intends to continue dishonestly swindle unknowing and unsuspecting consumers unless she is brought to justice.

Many people have used the rationalization that “I have spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on other weight loss remedies, and this is just one more, so I have no reason to get involved in a “petty” lawsuit just to get my $59.99 back.” Maybe that is where you are.Consider this, over the course of the last year, Heidi Diaz has deceitfully obtained almost 2 Million dollars. In the month that the Woman’s World magazine article came out, Heidi accumulated 1.3 million. All these funds were obtained on the basis of a fraud. While one payment of $59.99 might seem minuscule to some, in accumulation, they were an incredible sum. So far in the lawsuit there have been multiple depositions, not only of Heidi, but those who have aided her in her deception. Heidi has had 3 depositions, both her sons have been deposed, as has an aid for her lawyer.

The lawsuit is not certified yet, so it is NOT too late for you to participate!

Please go to The Kimkins Lawsuit Webpage for information on how to join the lawsuit. For step by step instructions you can see the “How To Join a Lawsuit” instructional video on YouTube, as well as multiple other reports regarding developments over the last year within this case.If you are still not convinced that you should step in and help by joining the lawsuit, then think of this: Suppose it was your sister, or mother who had been damaged such as many of the testimonies on Kimkins Survivors. What if one of them suffered a painful and extended stay in the hospital due to malnutrition and possibly even heart failure due to their body being so deprived of nutrients it began to shut down? Even if you have not experienced any of these things, there are those who have. Please take 5 minutes to review the information on joining the lawsuit so that together we can stop Heidi Diaz from continuing to hurt people in this manner.

Our desire is that Heidi Diaz would realize the err of her ways and shut down Kimkins dot com. This however, is unlikely to happen. Our hope and course of action now will be to demonstrate to the judicial system the danger that she poses as a con-artist to the general public. We will civilly remove her funds through this Class Action Lawsuit, and criminally, prove that she committed a dangerous consumer fraud to whatever entities may be pursuing this case. The more participants within the lawsuit, the greater our chances of both of these objectives happening.

Heidi has fully demonstrated that she will continue to find new ways to con unless we are successful. She has refused to be honest in ALL of her depositions, has destroyed evidence, hidden her income, and manipulated the justice system through delay tactics that will only continue to drain money away from those who deserve to get their money back. Please think about those who have been hurt. You will not be required to testify or face Heidi. You will only be lending a voice to many.

This post was originally put together for MissMerize AKA Avenue girl who is putting together an informational video to share with those who are still not aware of the atrocity that is Kimkins.