Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

“My son, if sinners entice you, DO NOT CONSENT… If they say, ‘Let us ambush the innocent without cause…. We shall find all kinds of precious wealth, we shall fill our houses with spoil; Throw in your lot with us, we shall all have one purse’…. My son, DO NOT WALK IN THE WAY WITH THEM. Keep your feet from their path…. For their feet run to evil… They ambush their own lives.”

Proverbs 1:8-18 (paraphrased)

Thousands of years ago Solomon gave this advice to his son as one of his first instructions. It is amazing that this advice still holds true millennia later.

Thanks to the combined effort of some incredible super-sleuths, the identity of a certain poster who has been as staunch defender of Heidi has been accurately identified. I was admittedly surprised when I was approached with this theory. However, as was revealed through more investigation and finally IP identification, this person has misjudged that TRUTH can really set you free from the trap that you set for yourself by taking up with those who ambush the innocent.

Gary Fontaine, Kimkins admin, has been secretly flaming in some of his most recent pro-Kimkins antics. From posting on AmyB’s blog with criticism and harsh verbal taunts of her son and his medical issues, to his latest, and possibly most anonymous, stunt. Up until this last week, it was assumed based on what circumstantial evidence was gathered, that the poster within the Facination With Kimmer threads on LCF known only as “Crispybread,” was Heidi. This same poster linked to several outside blogs which commonly poked fun at, slandered, and even psychologically threatened members of the lawsuit against Kimkins, and those who had been vocal in their stance against Heidi Diaz’ deceptions. However, it is now CONFIRMED, that the true identity of Crispybread, is in fact, Gary Fontaine.

Gary, I can only hope that you have seriously thought through your participation and cooperation with Heidi in the intimidation and slander of key witnesses in the Kimkins lawsuit. There is no recanting what has already been said. Yes… it is too late to take that back.

HUGE special thanks to all who helped in bringing this truth to light: TheTRUTH, Prudentia, Becky, and Tom for confirming the IP locations. Thank you all for demonstrating what can happen when we come together as a team in a combined effort. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!


theTRUTH said...

Pleasure doing business with you.

Christin said...

And you Truth... :) You too Prudentia and Becky!!