Monday, May 12, 2008

An Open Letter to Kimkins Members

I wrote the following letter/reply to Kimkins member DeeDLynn in response to her posting within the Kimmer threads on Low Carb Friends. I wanted to re-write and post it here as an open letter to all remaining Kimkins followers. There are other points and issues that I’d like to address, but I will save some of that for another blog.

Here was my letter:

I have thought about responding here for the last couple of days. While I would hope and pray that my words here would not fall on deaf or cynical ears, I still feel that I must say something.

Dee, I have read your blog and all your posts here over the last several days. No doubt you know who I am. If you joined Kimkins in June of 2007, (and I’m not saying this to be conceited or “look at me” but just stating a fact) then you joined because of my face. I hope you will at least give me the benefit of the doubt and respect what I am saying just as you ask of your words.

As one of the FIRST “successful” Kimkins diet users, I was one of the original guinea pigs. I do take responsibility for what I put in my mouth. I will admit that I did not go to my doctor prior to starting the program. However, when I joined, I was under the mistaken impression that to have a diet program and to sell it, you surely would have had to have a doctor’s approval for it before marketing! I was very distressed when I began working for Heidi and asked if there was one, and her response…. Something along the lines of: just that my doctor said what I did was ok… yeah… haha I guess I really need to get that done. Strike #1

I take by your posts that you enjoy the weight loss that you have seen using Kimkins. Good for you. I did too. It’s almost addicting isn’t it? We liked seeing the scale go down on a weekly/daily basis. It was invigorating and gave us such a sense of accomplishment. Almost to the point that after a great deal of loss you trust the person you’ve looked up to for months (much like those at KK look up to you I’m sure) to let you know finally what you should do to get that last little bit off, which is what I did in listening to what Heidi instructed me to do.

You may remember that last year prior to leaving KK, I had a post that was in the main lobby titled “Christin’s FAQ – I Did it and You Can Too.” To which Heidi replied – “Always wondered what you did ;) Proud of you girl!” Within that thread I posted my menus and exactly what I was eating. Heidi, as the owner and founder of the site and the diet, had a RESPONSIBILITY to correct me if what I was doing was NOT what she was promoting or encouraging. Instead, it was sticky’d at the top of the page where it was the first thing that every new member who came in saw.

So I guess my next question would be then… you say that I was being irresponsible in eating the way that I did when following “The Plan” by eating so few calories. But, that was what I (and many others like me) were instructed to do as that was Kimkins. So I guess I’m at a catch 22 in what you are saying here and I hope you can help me understand. So I should NOT have listened to Kimmer when she personally told me (yes personally as I am one of few who she spoke to EVERY DAY) to NOT stress about low calories, that it was PERFECTLY fine if my cals were at 500 or less? But how does that justify or make any different that you are listening to her diet advice now? So it’s upped by 300 calories… Does that NOW make it nutritionally sound? Strike #2

So does it change things now that since she’s “apologized?”

Think about it this way… if I hurt you and many of your friends and I got caught… so in order to make the peace I said… “I’m sorry if you feel like I hurt you.” Would that make things better? No. Because you would know that my apology was not sincere. I gave Heidi multiple opportunities to come clean in a “safe” way. I presented her with the issues and asked her to address them. Not in a condemning way, or angry and hateful manner; but in a professional and simple request as her PR representative. She would not answer me. In fact, it was not until the lawsuit and her pending deposition (which these Ducks have so eloquently pointed out), that her arm was “twisted” to finally come clean. I too am of the opinion that had it not been for the pressure that was provided through that avenue, she had NO intention of coming clean, OR changing the diet. Strike #3…..

No one ever likes to be contradicted or “told” that they are wrong. I completely understand. You said that you came out and posted here on the fascination thread because there was “falsehoods and gossip” written about you. Believe me, I understand. I’m not sure how long you have been following the controversy, but, last August especially, there was plenty being said about me, and my friends within Kimkins. I too was mad at the time. However, instead of running out here and trying to defend everything that was being said, I decided to take the quite approach and do my own specific research on the issues that were being raised.

Honestly, and I mean this, what I found was an incredible group of people who really do care about people getting hurt. NOT a group of “haters” and “negative Nancy’s.” In trying to disprove them.. I actually disproved myself.

Now, you can take this or leave it. You are correct that you chose your own path. We may end up having to agree to disagree about the Kimkins program and its safety. I only wish your health and happiness. But I would be doing you and many others a horrible disservice if I did not share with you what I know to be true. In working with John, I have personally read many legal affidavits and heard heartbreaking stories of those who have gotten sick and worse by using this program. This is not about money. I don’t care about money. I agree with the above poster who said John and Heidi’s lawyer can have it all… if it only means that people will cease to be hurt by following dangerous diet advice; which IS still being handed out whether you see it or not. I know Heidi. It’s not changing on the underneath side.

I wish you the best Dee…. If anything just THINK about what is presented to you. You don’t have to respond to me. Think about those who are hurting, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Don’t discredit them, because, just like you and I, they too have a voice… I choose to listen to them.


Dee responded to me and I am afraid that we are at a cross roads. She and all of you will have to make your own decision as far as your eating plan goes. My utmost desire is that you be healthy. I do not believe that Heidi Diaz has your best interest and overall health at heart. But that is between her and the Lord. It is my responsibility to educate according to my experience. After all, that is the way we learn right? We learn based on our own, and other's experiences.

Heidi Diaz is not to be trusted. As many of you believe that she has told the truth and apologized, I know she has not fully come clean. And sorry Dee, but she did NOT tell the whole truth at her deposition. She did lie under oath. It was only when faced with proof in her own writings that she admitted lying.

Please also know that any of you can contact me if you have any questions or even just want to talk. I will not judge or condemn. I only want to help you understand what so many of us have come to know to be the truth. When discerning if something is true or not, simply look at the fruit... the only way to know is to look at the facts with an open mind. Weigh for yourself (based on cold hard facts alone, not emotions or what is "working for you") whether or not this is a person and business you can, in good conscience, support.

Once again, as you consider what is placed before you, I leave you once more with this thought: Think about those who are hurting, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Don’t discredit them, because, just like you and I, they too have a voice… I choose to listen to them.


Gran to Angels said...

Dear Christin,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post. I appreciate that you asked people to consider the hurting and the sick. I was told that I was not responsible for my own health and that is what made me sick, that is was not Heidi or Kimkins that made me sick, that I basically did this to myself by not being aware. I was so caught up in the brainwashed mentality of Kimkins/Heidi that is was impossible for me to think with rational thoughts regarding my eating yet that is going unnoticed by some. I am working through the mental part of healing, it's been a long process. I know you will understand this....I now have a fear of eating certain foods, I have anorexic traits, chewing food but not swallowing it....all because I "didn't want it bad enough". Thank you for being a voice for the hurting...I admire your courage.
Gran to Angels

Anonymous said...

thanks for opening yourself up Christen and sharing your experience with the world.