Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm so sorry....

My heart is aching tonight. I am so broken over any pain or hurt that I have caused many of you. I am so sorry I am that I delayed “Thank You’s” to all who helped my family during the aftermath of our accident. One of my many human downfalls is and has always been promptness in sending Thank You notes. I realize now that my neglect was wrong, it was rude, and has caused much distress to some very generous and kind hearted people. I hope that you will accept this apology and please forgive me for not acknowledging you sooner. I hope that you have all received my email by now, and if you have not, please forward your personal email address to me at: I want to personally send you an apology as well.

I know that many of you are curious and hurt by my recent activities regarding the upcoming Low Carb Community Cruise. The first cruise that I went on at the beginning of the year was paid for as a gift from a friend, and it was a welcome relief after all that I had been through over the previous couple of months. I was only excited that my injuries from the accident had not hindered my ability to go. That trip was such a success that the organizer of the latest cruise this year has asked for my assistance in gathering the community together and preparing the “Low Carb Community” activities and gathering on board. This cruise is NOT paid for yet. The only way that I will be able to attend is if we have a large enough group attending, which, as participating group organizer, will allow me to receive compensation for my work.

I have done all I know to do to express my most sincere gratitude to everyone who assisted my family during the time after our accident. I do not know who all the donors are, I can only say thank you here publicly on my blog, and send emails now to those who I had contact information for, both of which I have done. I apologize again if my participation in the community cruise gathering was confusing or distressing to any of you.

My vision for this cruise was and is still a gathering together of a community. We are a diversified group. But we are strong, and we are learning. Day by day, we learn from each other how to live a healthier and more productive lifestyle. My inspiration was that no matter what forum, no matter what low carb program you chose, we can still encourage each other. We can still support each other in our communal effort to make a better, healthier life for ourselves and our families.

Once again, I beg your forgiveness for my absent mindedness, and pray for your support as we work together, shoulder to shoulder, educating and inspiring towards a healthier and more contented life.

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