Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hacker Alert!

This is a public service announcement.

If you are a member of Jimmy Moore's site Low Carb Discussion dot com please be aware that the forum has been hacked. The person responsible is sending out a link to re-gain access to the forum. Please do not click on this link as it is a Trojan virus. If you have already clicked on the link and re-entered a password, please be sure to run a virus scan on your computer.

Jimmy will make it known on his blog when it is safe to return.

Thanks and have a great low carb day!


It has been brought to my attention that a second round of emails was sent out by the hacker with another virus attached. As a reminder please do not open or click on any link sent from a "no-reply" address from Low Carb Discussion. Jimmy will be back in town at the beginning of next week. In the interim time, his admin is working diligently to repair the damage done and the latest update is that the hacker's IP has thus far been traced back near the Los Angeles area in California.

Jimmy will post on his blog as soon as it is safe to return.
UPDATE 4/18/2008
Jimmy and Christine have informed me that the new forum is almost ready to be operational! This good news is tainted however by another warning and alert. If you received the email from the hacker and happened to click on the link which contained the virus, it is strongly recommended that you review your bank account and/or paypal account. It has been reported that at least one person who opened the file has had their account drained. Please be very cautious and take the appropriate measures and means to protect yourself and your identity.


Raewyn said...

Hi Christin

Thanks for the info. I did click but luckily norton picked it up. This person is a real piece of work.


MrsMenopausal said...

I hope they're able to trace it right back to the source and whoever did this will face legal action for it. Thanks for the update.

2BIG4MYSIZE said...

Thanks for the updates.

theTRUTH said...

Wonder if the IP traces back to the provider SBC?